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Taylor Swift
It's no surprise that Kanye West was never particularly fond of Taylor Swift.
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The pairing of the Victoria's Secret Angels with Taylor Swift just keeps getting sexier.
TOPICS: Taylor Swift
While most girls get a little nervous before a first date, Taylor Swift now says she suffers partial panic attacks at the mere thought.
Yesterday we were won over by the random act of photobombing that occurred when a regular girl on the street totally out-sassed Karlie Kloss.
Looks like feuding friends Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have kissed and made up at the high-fash Met Ball… after a mega-tiff over bratty Bieber tore the besties apart.
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The dating game is tricky business - just ask Taylor Swift.
TOPICS: Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has been granted a restraining order against stalker Timothy Sweet after he threatened to "kill anyone who stood between them".
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Taylor Swift's dancing at awards ceremonies is always a thing to behold - thankfully, she pulled out the moves again for this year's Golden Globes after-party!
Taylor Swift was spotted drinking at a bar until closing time with Romeo and Juliet star Douglas Booth.
She "knew they were trouble" but Taylor Swift now admits her past boyfriends weren't exactly Prince Charming material.
We're so used to hearing about Taylor Swift getting her heart broken. Now it looks like she's the one doing the heartbreaking!
Speaking to Joan Rivers on E!'s Fashion Police, Joe Jonas admitted that he "and a few others" broke up with Taylor Swift. Ouch!
Is Taylor Swift off the market (again?) Romantic rumours are flying, with claims that 23-year-old Taylor is dating Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler after messaging him on Facebook! Now that’s a cute ‘love story…’
Prepare to blow a cute valve as you browse our slideshow of the most adorable pets in Hollywood!
Talk about flashing the cash?! Taylor Swift has purchased a $17.75million pimpin' property on Rhode Island - paying for it with one single cash payment.
Why do Taylor Swift's boyfriends keep dumping her? Comedian Chelsea Handler has a theory.
Taylor Swift told Vanity Fair how Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's "sexist" Golden Globes joke about her love life isn't helping anyone.
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