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Despite being 'powerless' to her drug addiction, Brooke Mueller won't go to rehab.

Charlie Sheen has played the White Knight, bailing his ex out of jail after she was arrested for drug possession.

Apparently Demi Moore has an alcohol problem…as if having a cheating husband wasn't enough.
Amy Winehouse checked into rehab again last week, but not before stopping off at the bottle shop on her way.
Bobbi Kristina is joining her mum on the wagon – and she's the one who persuaded Whitney to seek help.
Matthew Perry is getting the hang of this rehab thing… so much so that as he plans his umpteenth trip to a treatment centre, he's pre-empting the (supposedly) inevitable media mockery and inviting people to make fun of him.
Whitney Houston has entered an out-patient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment while her two kids face possible jail sentences for gun possession and under-age drinking.
A few weeks ago there was a restraining order preventing Charlie Sheen from even going near his twin sons, but now their mother Brooke Mueller is in rehab - and Charlie wants custody of the boys again.
Demi Lovato has confirmed the rumours she is being treated for an eating disorder.
Around 30 percent of Americans think Justin Bieber will land in rehab before his 30th birthday. Burn!
Demi Lovato's fresh outta rehab and already posting smiley videos on the net! How Disney of her.
David Arquette has settled on Oprah Winfrey's couch for the classic post-rehab purge, in which he reveals the full extent of his drinking and drug problems stemming back to his childhood.
According to a report by In Touch, Christina has threatened to fire any staff who dare to tell her she's partying too hard.
Charlie Sheen supposedly checked into rehab after his porn star party-induced hospitalisation last week, but now reports are emerging that the Two And A Half Men star is still at home.
Charlie Sheen has spoken out about the wild (allegedly coke-fuelled) party with porn stars last week that landed him in hospital and now rehab.
He had us fooled with that scarily-ripped body - but it looks like Aaron Carter has been having too much fun getting ripped in other ways, too.
Newly sober Lindsay Lohan is getting a fresh start on the outside, starting with a new place to live – right next door to her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson.
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