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Orlando Bloom
It's been a year since her split with Orlando Bloom but Miranda Kerr is still feeling the heart ache.
Weeks after being spotted together in Spain, Orlando Bloom has opened up about those romance rumours with Erica Packer.
Take a number ladies! Orlando Bloom is coming to Australia next month for Oz Comic Con…and it's his first trip here since his split with Miranda Kerr late last year.
Orlando Bloom just keeps the candid Ibiza moments coming.
As the war between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber intensified this week, new info has come to hand about the basis of the beef… and it involves both Miranda Kerr AND Selena Gomez!
New details have emerged about Orlando Bloom's fight with Justin Bieber, with an eyewitness revealing that Orlando was cheered on by his A-list pals, including Leonardo DiCaprio.
The Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom saga has taken another twist, with the pop star spending time with another Aussie Victoria's Secret model, Shanina Shaik.
Justin Bieber has posted a photo of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram right after video emerged online of Justin's spat with Miranda's ex-husband Orlando Bloom.
After three years of marriage, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's 2013 split was a shock to most… but according to a source, Orlando's excessive drinking was the real reason behind the breakdown.
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are continuing their mission to be the most amicable celeb exes of all time, judging by Miranda's latest interview with Harper's Bazaar.
Miranda Kerr has kept up her 'only speak positively about Orlando Bloom' approach in her latest interview with Good Morning America.
Uh-oh! Justin Bieber's pretty angry at girlfriend Selena Gomez after hearing she got her flirt on with Hollywood hottie Orlando Bloom. She's been dating bratty Bieber for a while now… can you really blame the girl for batting her eyelashes at Bloom?
Newly single Miranda Kerr is on the lookout for a new lover and she's totally up for a lesbian romance.
Miranda Kerr's Victoria's Secret days may be over, but she's still stripping off for a good cause.
So NOW we know why Miranda Kerr went underwear-free at the Golden Globes after-party… she was trying to get ex hubby Orlando Bloom's attention!
If you're still in disbelief that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are really kaput, then these comments from Miranda herself might clear a few things up.
Orlando Bloom has broken his silence on his split from Miranda Kerr in a TV interview with US talk show host Katie Couric.
Ever wonder how Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom balance their busy work lives with the commitment of family? Well the Hobbit star reveals he's never away from home for longer than three weeks.
He's got supermodel genes - is it any surprise little Flynn Bloom is both adorable and really tall?
Sorry Miranda, we know you're in pain. However, it'd hard to look past the rather overwhelming neck brace you're sporting at the moment.
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