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Miranda Kerr
Take a number ladies! Orlando Bloom is coming to Australia next month for Oz Comic Con…and it's his first trip here since his split with Miranda Kerr late last year.
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Another day, another twist in the Miranda Kerr and James Packer love saga.
Miranda Kerr has finally spoken out about the infamous street brawl between former mates James Packer and David Gyngell.
As the war between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber intensified this week, new info has come to hand about the basis of the beef… and it involves both Miranda Kerr AND Selena Gomez!
The Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom saga has taken another twist, with the pop star spending time with another Aussie Victoria's Secret model, Shanina Shaik.
Justin Bieber has posted a photo of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram right after video emerged online of Justin's spat with Miranda's ex-husband Orlando Bloom.
Love is the last thing on Miranda Kerr's mind at the moment, the Aussie supermodel told Kate Waterhouse in today's Sun-Herald.
After three years of marriage, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's 2013 split was a shock to most… but according to a source, Orlando's excessive drinking was the real reason behind the breakdown.
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We're sure biker babe Miranda Kerr's latest sexy pics are bound to rev a few engines… and lucky for you guys, we've got our mitts on some saucy behind-the-scenes footage from her recent Net-A-Porter shoot.
James Packer's personal assistant has just been spotted leaving Miranda Kerr's Sydney home… with a copy of her self-help book Treasure Yourself!? We're assuming the sneaky visit wasn't to discuss her writing technique…
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Miranda Kerr has set the record straight about her love life in a new interview on this morning's Today show... but not without a side serving of awkwardness!
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So all is peachy again in Kerr-land, according to Miranda Kerr's mother Therese Kerr.
Mates before dates! Newly single Shane Warne has revealed that he could never date Miranda Kerr… because of her alleged romance with his pal James Packer! Talk about a strict bro code…
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are continuing their mission to be the most amicable celeb exes of all time, judging by Miranda's latest interview with Harper's Bazaar.
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Miranda Kerr can now add 'Easter Bunny' to her CV. The Aussie supermodel flexed her acting muscles for a two-and-a-half-minute short film for Easter and her 31st birthday.
Easter just got sexier. Miranda Kerr posted a racy video teaser from an Easter-themed photoshoot with LOVE magazine. Watch it here!
Miranda Kerr has kept up her 'only speak positively about Orlando Bloom' approach in her latest interview with Good Morning America.
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So Miranda Kerr got tongues wagging this week when she revealed to British GQ magazine that she's keen to 'explore' both men and women. But it's by no means the first time the supermodel has flirted with the idea of lady love.
Newly single Miranda Kerr is on the lookout for a new lover and she's totally up for a lesbian romance.
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Miranda Kerr and son Flynn get ready to eat their Thanksgiving turkey.
Miranda Kerr and son Flynn get ready to eat their Thanksgiving turkey.