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Jennifer Aniston

Lethal Weapon tough guy Mel Gibson may have finally met his match in 38-year-old Californian stuntwoman, Ashley Cusato.


Well, here's a twist we didn't see coming. According to a new report, K-Stew was spotted "flirting it up" with Justin Theroux — the same Justin Theroux who recently gave Jennifer Aniston that whopping engagement ring.

Jennifer Aniston's mum reportedly didn't know her daughter got engaged until, well, we did!
Angelina Jolie hit the roof when she overheard Brad Pitt talking to their son about Jennifer Aniston, according to a report in OK! Magazine.
The heat is on for Justin Theroux, with girlfriend Jennifer Aniston reportedly 'ready to walk up the aisle' of love.


Jennifer Aniston got awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday, but hey, a pash is way more interesting.

As if Jennifer Aniston wasn't already infatuated with boyfriend, Justin Theroux, now she's drooling over his dance moves.

Reese Witherspoon isn't immune to crushing on her own kind, admitting she's got the hots for a fellow A-lister.

Forty-three-year-old Jennifer Aniston has stripped down to her bra for a raunchy, new GQ shoot.

Shock news: Jennifer Aniston doesn't actually sit at home every night sobbing into an ice cream punnet and sticking pins in old photos of Brad Pitt.
Check out some of the worst celebrity fan art ever to have graced the internet…
The unfriendly exes missed each other by minutes last night.
The people who work on the LA Times website were so dazzled by Jennifer Aniston's superstardom, they didn't even notice the topless woman in the background of this shot when they published it (without those stars) on their blog, Ministry of Gossip.
The offer was intended to show the public there was no bad blood between them, but Jen said 'no way'.
Jennifer Aniston was reportedly pretty darn peeved when she read what Brad Pitt had said about their five year marriage, which ended in 2005.
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