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Jennifer Aniston
Looks like Jennifer Aniston's got a pretty serious admirer… and it's not fiancé Justin Theroux!
It's official. Jennifer Aniston is so over people asking if she's going to get married or have babies.
We've heard of outrageous diva demands… and then there's Jennifer Aniston "building a $60,000 drive-through wardrobe" in her new Bel-Air home. Complete with powder room, of course.
Uh-oh! Jennifer Aniston has admitted to gaining a few pounds… and it's all her fiancé Justin Theroux's fault.
'You look great for your age' is usually meant to be a compliment, but not in Jennifer Aniston's books.
It's hard being one of the fittest women in Hollywood, but even Jennifer Aniston wouldn't mind a body-swap with someone even fitter. Yes, this is the same Jen whose abs of steel out-acted everyone else in Horrible Bosses and We're The Millers.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have often been the subject of split rumours, but this time it might be for real.
Uh oh! It's war between Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cryus and an innocent hairdresser is in the middle of it all.
In the early noughties, Jennifer Aniston seemed to have it all: Brad Pitt, Friends and a blossoming movie career. However, the 44-year-old star has now revealed that it wasn't her happiest phase in life in a new interview with Parade magazine.
It looks like Jennifer Aniston is well and truly ditching her goody-goody Rachel-look once and for all.
Jennifer Aniston has once again been declared pregnant. Woo-hoo, let's throw a party for the fictional baby!
Erm … so this is awkward. Angelina Jolie has spoilt beau Brad Pitt with an intimate night in his ex-wife Jen Aniston’s fave $2500-a-night suite at her fave hotel! We sure hope they’ve changed the sheets…
Could the future Mr and Mrs Theroux be any hotter!?! Making the most of their romantic beach getaway to Mexico, actress Jennifer Aniston slipped into her all-time fave red bikini for a sun-filled sesh with buff beau Justin Theroux.
He's back! BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark has done yet another adorably awkward interview since a vid of him asking out Mila Kunis went viral, but this time he's chatting-up A-lister Jennifer Aniston with his strip club stories. Witness the awkwardness above!
Reowww Jennifer Aniston! Seems as though the former Friends star had so much fun playing hot dancer-turned-soccer mum in her new movie We’re The Millers, she’s installed a stripper pole in her home! Cue the sexy music…
Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she's had enough of being asked about when she'll have a baby.
Jennifer Aniston appeared on Chelsea Lately to chat about her raunchy comedy flick We're the Millers, but host Chelsea Handler had naughtier topics to discuss — like a "big black c---" at Jen's bachelorette party. Whoa! Watch Jen's shocked reaction here.
Jennifer Aniston could be the next self-help guru in the making judging by her latest comments.
At a press event for her new movie We're the Millers, Jennifer Aniston has explained that her and Justin Theroux are in no rush to walk down the aisle.
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