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Christina Aguilera
<!-- nomobile --><!-- /nomobile -->CelebrityFIX TV: Hollywood kids spoilt rotten
The Hollywood brat-list! Who are the celebrity world's most spoilt children?
Uh-oh, Christina Aguilera
The collection includes shots of Christina in a compromising position with a banana, dancing on a table and posing with naked men.
Has Christina Aguilera hit rock bottom?
After a string of headline-making slip ups following her split from Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera seems to be having a pretty rough time lately.
XTremely drunk: Christina Aguilera arrested
So Christina Aguilera got nailed by the po-po for being drunk in public. She's got a lot to drown her sorrows over: A divorce, Gaga stealing her pop thunder, Burlesque... but we all know the real tragedy here is the fact the police aren't releasing her slaptastic mugshot!
Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been indulging in a spot of post-divorce partying lately, but her friends say the messy new lifestyle has less to do with her split and more to do with her new man.

Time for Christina Aguilera to go to rehab?
According to a report by In Touch, Christina has threatened to fire any staff who dare to tell her she's partying too hard.
Christina Aguilera gatecrashed Jeremy Renner
The recently divorced 30-year-old turned up uninvited at the Hurt Locker star's house when he was celebrating his 40th birthday with friends and family.
Christina Aguilera flashes "boob job scar"
Christina Aguilera has been pretty well-endowed for most of her career - could this be the secret she's been hiding all this time?
Christina Aguilera steps out with new man
Just weeks after splitting from her husband Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera has gone public with her new man.
Christina Aguilera: not pregnant, just bloated
A source has rubbished reports that newly-single Christina Aguilera is pregnant after she sparked speculation with a slightly rounded belly under her skin tight bodysuit at the American Music Awards.
Christina Aguilera is "horny as a college freshman", says Samantha Ronson
Samatha Ronson has been blabbing ten kinds of TMI about her new conquest, newly single Christina Aguilera.
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera's new ad for her fragrance Royal Desire has been branded too risqué for her younger fans.
Christina Aguilera went to hospital with a split lip days before her divorce announcement
Christina Aguilera was reportedly admitted to hospital with a split lip just days before she announced her split from husband Jordan Bratman.
Rumour: Christina Aguilera is doing Samantha Ronson?
While Radar Online reports that Christina is turning to her "gal pal" Sam for "emotional support" following the split, X17 puts a more suggestive spin on the relationship.
Christina Aguilera had an open marriage so she could date other women?
New claims have emerged that the real reason behind Christina Aguilera's recent split from husband Jordan Bratman was her penchant for lady lovers on the side.
Christina Aguilera splits from husband
Divorce is in the air! Hot on the heels of the Courteney Cox/David Arquette split (and the Laura Dern/Ben Harper split, while we're at it) - comes the news that Christina Aguilera has reportedly called it quits with her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman.
Christina Aguilera
Just when you thought Christina Aguilera might have completed some kind of bronzer/fake tan rehab stint - she's back, oranger than ever!
Hot girl, fug dude: Odd celebrity couples
Celeb babes like Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Hendricks know that beauty is more than skin deep - just check out their hubbies!
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