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Christina Aguilera
Celebs just love giving their babies bizarre names and Christina Aguilera is no different.
It's a girl! Christina Aguilera gave birth today to a baby daughter via C-section, according to showbiz site Popdust. Congrats, Xtina!
According to OK! Magazine, Christina Aguilera is expecting baby number two.
When Christina Aguilera suddenly dropped almost 16kg, it looked to us like she'd gone under the knife.
There's no doubt about it...Christina Aguilera is looking smoking right now. But how has she done it? Well, TheFIX claims the songstress has forked out $10,000 for Cool Sculpting, the latest technique in liposuction.
No question as to why Christina Aguilera tweeted this pic from the set of her new music video, (insert wolf whistle!)
Nipple slips, sweat patches, stars caught with with weird stuff dribbling down their legs...
Christina Aguilera's uncle says she has turned her back on her father's side of the family and is refusing to visit her dying grandparents.
Talk about an image re-haul — Christina Aguilera looks like a different woman!

Poor Christina must be totally mortified after photos of the singer with a mysterious stream of …we don't even want to speculate what… have gone viral on the web.
Haters can hate on her wobbly bits all they like, but Christina Aguilera reckons she looks hot with a little extra weight on.
A Florida man has been charged with hacking into the emails of Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis and up to 50 other female stars as the FBI continues its investigation into a picture theft scheme known as 'Operation Hackerazzi'.
Christina Aguilera brought the diva demands to British Rail this week – booking out half a first class carriage and providing train staff with a celebrity rider as long as her hair extensions.
She's transformed herself many, many times over the years, but Christina Aguilera's latest look just isn't working.
Who's eating cookies to shed the kilos? Who lets the colours of the rainbow dictate her diet? And who has her face analysed by an expert to determine her nutritional needs?
A lawyer for Christina Aguilera has labelled a US gossip website ‘reckless,’ after they published a photo accusing the singer of child abuse.
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