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Kim Kardashian left with black eyes after Botox
Needle fan Kim Kardashian was left with black eyes after she reacted badly to Botox injections.
Naked Britney "touched herself" in front of bodyguard, "looked possessed"
The sexual harrassment case against Britney Spears just got a whole lot scarier - the former bodyguard who claims Brit harrassed him has told all the alleged gory details to the tabloids.
Stop yelling at Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has begged his crazy fans to stop yelling at him when they meet face-to-face.
Lady Gaga to become minister, perform gay marriages
Lady Gaga is training to become a minister so she can perform marriages for her gay fans.
Lindsay Lohan hit a baby while driving
Lindsay Lohan has been accused of a hit and run involving a young child in a stroller in her West Hollywood neighbourhood last Wednesday.
A US tabloid has discovered that the teenager claimed to be Lindsay Lohan's "secret sister" was legally declared as a real Lohan after a court hearing.
The Grey's Anatomy star showed off her extra anatomy while out for a stroll in Loz Feliz, California, this week.
Too fat for designer gowns: Christina Hendricks and Kim Cattrall bite back
Non-stick figure stars Christina Hendricks and Kim Cattrall may look amazing on the red carpet - but have revealed that even finding a dress to wear is a struggle.
Hot or not: 47-year-old Demi Moore
We're torn. Demi Moore definitely has the hottest 47-year-old bikini bod we've ever seen - but her lame bathroom self-portraits are giving us the mum creeps!
Police found a joint in Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is not just an (alleged) cokehead, she's an (alleged) stoner too.
Lady Gaga thanks drugs for making her creative
This should get her in plenty of hot water with the mums and dads and anti-drug campaigners!
Lindsay in <i>Vanity Fair</i>: "I want my career back... I
How is this the same girl that was bawling in the courtroom the other month? Lindsay Lohan's Grace-Kelly-esque shoot for Vanity Fair has just been released - and she looks fabulous.
Rihanna is the kind of girl who looks so perfect she almost can't be real... so the whole wax figure transition would have been an easy one!
<!-- nomobile --><!-- /nomobile -->Best and worst Emmys frocks 2010
Check out the hottest (and nottest) frocks from television's night of nights!
Rihanna shows the world her
Rihanna is finally on Twitter... and the first thing she's posting about is her big forehead.
"I never suspected" – Tiger
Elin Nordegren has ended her silence over the break up of her marriage to Tiger Woods, admitting, 'I've been through hell.'
Heidi Montag wants her old boobs back
The novelty of having stupidly enormous breasts has finally worn off for Heidi Montag – and it only took six months!
Like a
Britney Spears just remembered that pretending to be virginal sold her more records than pretending to be a stripper!
Sean Penn: not hot as a woman
Whether Sean Penn is going for a bin-lady drag look or a Robert Smith vibe, we bet he wiped this mess right off his face as soon as the cameras stopped rolling!
Katy Perry freaked over Russell & Helen
Russell Brand's 'little black book' is no more thanks to fiancée Katy Perry.
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